Lockdown Homebound

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The first game of Explore the dark organization CatWicker together with your team members. This game can be played entirely online and brings 2 to 4 hours of entertainment.

How it works?

If you buy this game in the webshop, you will receive an email with your payment details, unique file number and the first assignment in PDF. In addition, the PDF file contains useful tips and the requirements to play the game.


The game starts with the first assignment in PDF, once you have completed this assignment you will know where to enter the file number. Every player who participates can log into the system with the same code, so you play together in the same game environment. You can stop the game at any time and also resume the game with your team. The game contains its own hints and those can be accessed in the game.


The ideal number of players is 2 to 4 people. It is certainly possible to play with more people or play per couple together with 2 other couples. The game duration will vary from 2 to 4 hours.

To play the game you will need the following:

At least:

1 of the participants is a member of Instagram.

1 of the participants is a member of Facebook.

1 of the participants is a member of LinkedIn.

Each player has pen and paper.

Internet is a resource you need all the time!

A printer is not necessary, but can be useful for some puzzles