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What is an E-scaperoom?
An e-scaperoom is a full online version of an escaperoom. You play together with your team online, you can use all the tools of the internet to come up with your answer.
How many people would you play an E-scaperoom with?
The ideal number of players is 2 to 6 people. The best number will be 3/4 persons and screens. If you are going to play it remotely, make sure you are in contact with each other. Use for example: Skype, Zoom or Houseparty. If you play together in the same room, we recommend using 2 screens.
How long does an E-scaperoom take to play?
This depends entirely on the number of people and your internet skills. Consult each other well and use multiple screens. The game lasts on average between 2 and 4 hours.
Can I finish the game at another time?
That’s certainly possible! We will keep track of your progress by means of the file number. So you can return at any time and continue with your E-scaperoom.
Can I play the game multiple times?
When you purchase the game, we will give you a unique file number. This code is for 1 time play of the game. Everyone who participates in the game can use the same code.
How long will my code be valid?
Once you’ve bought the code it remains valid indefinitely! You can play the game at any time and also stop to return later. Once you have finished playing the game, you cannot return after that.
How many different games are available?
Our first game is: Lockdown – Homebound. But behind the scenes we are already busy with an expansion and a successor to the Lockdown series. To be continued!
What do I need to play an E-scaperoom?
The things you need may vary per game, but we advise you in any case:

  • 1 or more screens (computer, laptop, tablet or phone)
  • Pen and paper
  • Internet is a necessity
  • Perseverance

We recommend:

  • A way of contacting your team members where you can hear each other, but also have your hands free. Use, for example: Skype, Zoom or Houseparty.
  • A shared notepad. This can be done for example in Google Docs.
I would like to buy an E-scaperoom as a gift. Is that possible?
When you buy the game in our webshop, you will receive a unique file number: You can share it with the person you want to give it to, together with all the files from the mail.
Is there an English version as well?
As you can see/read, yes it is!
How does it work?
After checkout you will receive an e-mail with a unique file number and a download button. Download the documents and use your file number on the page where we ask to fill in your file number. Each player on your team uses the same file number.