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Experience the escape room feeling in your own living room!

In EXIT you try to escape from a certain location together. You have to search for clues and solve various riddles to get closer and closer to the liberating exit. The riddles are very diverse, from word puzzles to creative cutting and pasting. Meanwhile, the clock keeps ticking…

Choose from the 14 variants

The decoding disk

Each Exit has its own unique story, with the decoding disk being found first. This one will help you escape. With this decoding disc you have to spin the codes/answers that you find when solving riddles/puzzles. If the code is correct, the decryption disk will help you escape!

Riddles, hints and solutions

Each variant of this game contains about 85 cards, divided into 3 types: riddles, solutions and help cards. The riddle cards contain (parts of) a riddle or a puzzle with a letter on the back. This way you know which riddle card is your next step.

When you have solved a riddle or puzzle, you may take a solution card. Then use the decoding disc to see which number of the solution cards you can take. If you have a wrong code, you will see this on the solution card you just took.

If you can’t get out for a while, you can use a help card. Each riddle helps you through with about 3 cards. The first aid card gives you a little hint to get you going. If you can’t figure it out, take the second help card on which you find an even bigger hint. If you still get stuck, you can take the third card, which in most cases has practically the correct answer.

Every scenario has its own story

All scenarios have a booklet with the story and clues for all riddles and puzzles. Once you get started, you can use all pages. They all look very normal, but there are a lot of hidden things in them. Nothing is what it seems! Sometimes you even have to tear or fold the pages in half.

But there’s more

Normal Escape Rooms are always about time. Can the team escape within the allotted time? Time also plays a role in these games. It ends when the last riddle card is solved. That moment you see how long it took you and in combination with the number of hints used you can see in the booklet how well you did it.

In addition to possibly a stopwatch, a pencil, eraser and paper also come in handy. In some scenarios, even scissors could help. None of these items are included.

Naast eventueel een stopwatch komt een potlood, gum en papier ook goed van pas. Bij sommige scenario’s zou zelfs een schaar uitkomst kunnen bieden. Geen van deze items is inbegrepen.

Evidence from previous players

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