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What is an e-scaperoom?

An e-scaperoom is a digital edition of an escape room. It can be played completely online with several members of your team, each in their own location. The first game we created is: Lockdown – Homebound. Play Lockdown – Homebound with your friends, from a distance, in the same game, and together. Let yourself be dragged along in this exciting story. We provide a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 4 hours of fun.

This is what the test groups said about our first E-scaperoom:






We got the chance to play and evaluate this cool online game.
Very catchy puzzles that often fall out of the category “piece of cake”.
Innovative and cleverly put together so you can have a great few hours togheter.
In other words: play!



Today we tested the online escape ‘Lockdown Homebound’ of Escape Room Rijswijk & Escape Room Katwijk, super cool! Besides the top escape rooms they already have, they also managed to put together a fantastic online game! A really fun challenge with (sometimes challenging, but excellent) diverse puzzles that you can enjoy for a couple of hours. After having played a few “quarantine” games (read: online or home-delivered), this is definitely my number 1 game. So buy it! 

In the meantime, we are working on the second edition of the Lockdown series. Besides that we are setting up a similar game with a different theme. We intend to introduce several other games this year.